A list of projects that I worked on… completed, ongoing or abandoned. Materials found here, idea and content, may be used freely, without any licensing restrictions, unless otherwise mentioned.


Structural, architectural and MEP design of a 10 story house.

Ubuntu pointillism V1

Wallpaper inspired by the old and new colors of Ubuntu and the Pointillism style of artwork. Stress relieving work 😀

Simple aspiration

A simple desaturated wallpaper to help with your aspirations

Puzzle piece

A dark wallpaper consisting of puzzle pieces

Hanimaadhoo school

A school concept for new Hanimaadhoo primary school

Ubuntu symbolism

A wallpaper showing symbols of releases for Ubuntu.

Box of ideas

A general wallpaper inspired by the linux package manager

Ubuntu spiral

A linux themed wallpaper

Ubuntu timeline

A wallpaper depicting the progress of default wallpapers in Ubuntu

OPP website

Temporary website for the organisation that was known as Office of Programmes and Projects (OPP)

Pearl Beach

Architectural and structural drawings of 4 story building in Vilimale

Central school

Architectural project done for a friend.

Winter Room west side

Structural and Architectural design of a 7 story house

Dhivehi Tool Box

A set of tools to work with Dhivehi