Dhivehi Tool Box

A set of tools to work with Dhivehi.

  • Start date: Jan 2016
  • Expected completion date: Jan 2017
  • Client: self
  • Live website

Problem / opportunity statement

  • There is no easy way to find out translations of words from the local dhivehi language to the overly dominant english language.
  • There is also no words that is added to the usage by popular demand, hence introduction of new words and usage examples are all confined to a singular governmental organization, the tools that they offer are rudimentary to allow active participation of a community to drive the language.
  • No portal or easy way for people writing letters to find out whom to address in which organization. This tool will try to address this.


  • A mobile web application, that is responsive and can be accessed offline.

Cost overview

Schedule overview


This is a very preliminary schedule.