Lazy photoshop by NIVEA

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Peek-a-boo at (as opposed to is the official go to place to find an online Maldivian dictionary. I…. am not going to be too critical of all the inconsistencies that one can find in the site. This website, designed by the Academy for such things, is still in its infancy and does look better than it did a couple of months ago.
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A small vacation

Some few weeks back, I took a relaxing break from life when I visited a tourist resort, Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas, here in Maldives. While not being the target audience of resorts (its just awkward when a Maldivian is trying to practice his hospitality on me), its not so uncommon for Maldivians to go on such small vacations.
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Best draft tool for Linux

As a civil engineer, I was sceptical about my switch to Linux in the Office environment. Specially as I have to deal with a lot CAD drawings on a daily basis. Most importantly these come in dwg format, the propriety file format used and abused by AutoDesk in their flagship product AutoCAD. A drafts man coming from the Windows environment might find it hard to let go of AutoCAD. It was a daunting task and it was all going uphill until I came across DraftSight. Continue reading “Best draft tool for Linux”

Switch from Windows

Linux has come a long way… No I’m not going to start this article like that. Maybe the road taken by Linux is long but compare that with a more successful and commercial propriety operating system and you might wonder why Linux has taken so long to arrive.

That is certainly a question I wonder out loud, specially when wondering about the limits I faced when using Linux as a Civil Engineer (my lesser known alter ego… ahem)
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So it begins…

This blog is back… For the past 2 years I have wandered paths that are not familiar to me, hoping to find some kind of solace that I thought would exist in those foreign grounds. But a long walk, straying off course, getting back on top to fall down again has finally ended. I have finally strolled into familiar surroundings and my path is more clear, more precise and more solemn. Continue reading “So it begins…”