Last day of University

Last day of university is a moment that leaves an impeccable image in your life. It’s many things. It’s a milestone, a success story, a beginning¬†and an end. Lots of things going through my head, thoughts of various emotions. Happiness of achievement, fear of the unknown, enlightenment from the knowledge gained and sadness of lost connections. Continue reading “Last day of University”



Politics. The malignant cancer of this age in this nation. Sit down for an interview and talk about politics. Write an essay and talk about politics. Have a coffee and talk about politics. Go on a date and talk about politics. Watch your team play and talk about politics. Go to work and talk about politics. Go shopping and talk about politics. Go to Friday prayers and hear about politics. Turn on the tv and hear about politics. Turn on the computer and read about politics. Visit your parents and get updated on politics. Continue reading “Politics”

A small vacation

Some few weeks back, I took a relaxing break from life when I visited a tourist resort, Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas, here in Maldives. While not being the target audience of resorts (its just awkward when a Maldivian is trying to practice his hospitality on me), its not so uncommon for Maldivians to go on such small vacations.
Continue reading “A small vacation”