The stranger

Ever had to deal with a noise that you heard before, over and over again, but then thankfully went silent for a while…. only to come back again, hoping for second rounds?

I’m dealing with such a noise right now. It went silent over 3 years ago and now suddenly is here knocking on my door. Thinking that it belongs in my life, thinking that it is a source of my pride, a reason for my happiness. Acting like music, trying to deceive and gain my trust. With no other intention but gain some sick self satisfaction that cannot be explained logically or with sound reason.
No can do my friend. You are nothing more than noise to me now. You are going to have to find someone else who would listen to you. My ears are forever shut to you. My life is much more peaceful in your absence and I’m happy with you mute, without any input and nothing would make me more happier than to never hear from you again


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