A small vacation

Some few weeks back, I took a relaxing break from life when I visited a tourist resort, Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas, here in Maldives. While not being the target audience of resorts (its just awkward when a Maldivian is trying to practice his hospitality on me), its not so uncommon for Maldivians to go on such small vacations.

While on this break my wife suggested I should blog about this, so here goes.
We arrived on Thursday just as the sun was setting. Or so I think that was when we arrived. The weather had turned south and I could see the glum faces of the other guests that accompanied me on the sea plane that took us there. As I got on the sea plane platform, the rain was really coming down and I was being soaked to the bone, even while wearing the make shift rain coats provided to us. All the passengers huddled into the ‘dhoni’ (read, a small sea vessel) and a few minutes in the rain later, we were greeted at the reception. That was the only bad experience I had the whole trip. The bad rain.
We were exhausted the first night and after taking dinner, it was off to bed. Nothing eventful to mention. The rain had eased up a bit by now, but going outside was out of the question.

On the first day of the trip, the weather had done a reverse on us. Pretty sure those glum guests would have been surprised by the sheer change. All was sunny and all was bright.

The right about turn of the weather made it a really enjoyable vacation. I got to enjoy a traditional Maldivian dinner and Maldivian event on the last night of my stay and it was a sad goodbye when I had to leave.


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