So it begins…

This blog is back… For the past 2 years I have wandered paths that are not familiar to me, hoping to find some kind of solace that I thought would exist in those foreign grounds. But a long walk, straying off course, getting back on top to fall down again has finally ended. I have finally strolled into familiar surroundings and my path is more clear, more precise and more solemn.In those past two years, I have learned, experienced and educated myself. I have fought battles, won and lost some. I have made friends and enemies, friends out of enemies and enemies out of those parading as temporary friends.
This time around, this blog will have purpose and cater for those readers who have my interests. If you have enjoyed before, this time around will be a treat and you will be entertained. Here is what to expect and what’s being left out of the blog.


After a long hiatus, it’s all Linux again for me. Linux at home. Linux at work. The only thing left to try is Linux on my phone, which is the next frontier. Looking at the development of Ubuntu touch for Samsung S3, I might have to wait for a while to get that show on the road.

I’ll be mostly chronicling how I get my with done, the caveats and catches of switching to Linux from windows. While that my not sound as exciting as it actually is, one needs to consider my field of work (civil engineering as opposed to the usual user case of Linux, program development) to realize my excitement and to realize how different a workflow process I have to use for getting my work done.

They said, my distribution of choice is Ubuntu, as any sane person would choose. But Linux mint and Arch Linux are also definitely on my list of things to try.

Web development

The past year has been a bumpy ride for me. A lot of the web projects just fell through and not too many came by. These days I’m just learning and doing stuff as a hobby. Mostly playing with the Laravel framework, which has been love at first sight so far.

Civil engineering

With all my babbling about Linux and web development, its easy to lose focus on my real profession. However, Linux has liven things up in that field as well and I’m more than ready to try and take a grab at that niche market. Civil engineers with an interest in Linux.

Closing line

I’m a creature of habit. I grew in love with things that I love over time and likely I would be sticking to those ideals for a longer time. I no longer wish to pursue long philosophical ideas in my head, nor do I want to give a detailed run down of an inspection that I go on. Those things still fascinate me and I still have the urge to waste my time on those articles but… experience has shown that those habits are not a viable way to expedite my readers experience here. Nor is it really time efficient. Maybe one day, when I’m older and have more time to spare.


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